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Cap's Hair-Wing Fly Pattern

Cap's Hair-Wing fly pattern, also called the Ed Haaga Fly, dates back to the 1960's and was tied by Ed Haaga for Cap Buettner's fly shop for fly fishing trout on Wisconsin's Wolf River. This fairly simple trout pattern became famous in the region and was tied in larger sizes for the drake hatches.

I found the pattern dressing listed in the book titled: "Flies That Catch Trout and how to fish them" by Ross Mueller, pg 58. Ross mentions "Adams Hair-Wing" so I am guessing some people must have referred to Cap's pattern as that as well. The photo was submitted to me by Tim Waters and was said to have been tied by Ed Haaga.

Cap's Hair-Wing Fly Pattern
tied by Ed Haaga

Thread: Black or Brown 6-0 thread
Hook size: dry fly hook, size 10, 12, 14
Tail/Body: Deer body hair
Rib: tying thread
Wing: Deer body hair, divided
Hackle: 1 grizzly, 1 brown rooster hackle

Notes: In Ross Mueller's description (and in the photo) it appears after ribbing the body with thread a coat of head cement is added to the entire abdomen section to make the fly more durable.

Cap's Hair-Wing fly pattern

Ed Haaga
Cap Beuttner

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