Wisconsin Fly Fishing for Trout

Other Fly Fishing Trout Websites

Below you will find links and brief descriptions for some of my favorite Wisconsin fly fishing for trout web sites that are worth visiting. (Any fly shops I refer to below I have personally visited and I highly recommend.)

Links to other Wisconsin Fly Fishing for Trout

  • Brule River Sportsmens Club - is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the Brule River in northwest Wisconsin.
  • Dennis Pratt Videos - Dennis is a retired WI DNR Lake Superior Basin Fisheries Biologist who spends a lot of time creating wonderful underwater videos of spawning trout in the Brule River.
  • Badger Fly Fishers - Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the Badger Fly Fishers is a non-profit organization that began in the late 1980’s.
  • Wisconsin Trout Unlimited - website for Wisconsin Trout Unlimited.
  • Wisconsin Fly Fishing Forum - a Wisconsin fly fishing message board.
  • Travel Wisconsin - Fishing - Discover the amazing fun that fishing in Wisconsin brings. With over 15,000 inland lakes and 42,000 miles of streams and rivers.
Wild Rivers Trout Unlimited Chapter

Wisconsin Trout Stream Maps & Stream Classifications

Wisconsin is blessed with thousands of miles of trout streams, which are broken down into 3 different classifications (I, II, & III)..

Wisconsin Inland Trout Fishing Regulations

WI trout fishing regulations 2021

Links to Aquatic Entomology web sites

  • Troutnut.com - Jason Neuswanger is a true trout nut! He has created a spectacular entomology website covering most of the aquatic insect hatches that are important to fly fishermen. His digital photos of various aquatic insects are awesome!.
  • Bugguide.net - Order Ephemeroptera - Mayflies - great photos of numerous mayflies. The web site is hosted by Iowa State University Entomology.
  • Flyfishing Entomology - the web site by Roger Rohrbeck was developed to share an interest in aquatic entomology with other flyfishers.
  • Mayfly Larvae of Wisconsin - a great resource document for the mayfly species found in Wisconsin's lakes and streams.
  • Ephemeroptera (Mayfly) Research and Studies - a wealth of scientific information about Ephemeroptera (mayflies) by one of the leading authorities, Luke M. Jacobus, Ph.D.
  • Mayfly Central - Mayfly Central is a place, a program, and an information resource. It is located in the Department of Entomology at Purdue University, where it is associated with the Laboratory of Aquatic Entomology.
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